Exercise in the Classroom,
Let's make it happen now.
The discussion about "kids do not get enough exercise" can end today. When kids exercise in the classroom - everyone wins:
  1. Children get the exercise we all know they so desperately need.
  2. Teachers get children who are better learners, more respectful, with fewer disciplinary issues.
  3. Parents get kids who are healthier, more grounded at home, and have a positive attitude towards fitness.  Success with exercise builds self-esteem.
  4. America gets a healthier generation of citizens that's more productive, and healthier.

Exercise in the Classroom doesn't have to cost a penny.  Body weight exercises can be used in every classroom, they can be developed and taught by any PE teacher.  Every classroom teacher can learn simple exercises and put them to work in their classroom and enjoy the success the teachers at Bauder Elementary have experienced.

The present state of obesity, health, and sedentary lifestyle in the U.S. is well known to everyone who reads a publication or watches TV.  Children need exercise and exercise in the classroom is one way, a dynamic, easy and free way to provide it.  It's time for everyone who has skin in the game and stands to suffer if this trend continues to speak up, and that is everyone.


The challenge to including exercise in the lives of Americas children has been the expense, lack of time, lack of knowledge, and lack of personal.  by follow Mr. Wests' lead, all of those challenges no longer exist - there are no more excuses - let's get it done today.
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